Favorite Family destination…

Take a deep breath and look around! Listen to nature, enjoy the silence, and relax!

Nature at Sharhabil bin Hassneh Ecopark is gaining back it’s beauty: all the plants that suffered from the long dry summer now regain their power and wake up as the first clouds of this rainy season pass the Ecopark pouring water onto the arid lands.

At the Jordan Ecopark, a site founded and developed by Friends of the Earth, you can find the perfect spot to spend a full weekend filled with pure nature experience. And enjoy the only tree-covered shaded camping area in Jordan! The ecopark certainly is a unique location, “a real gem in Jordan” as one of its friends recently noted!

For families with kids there is nothing else like it: a safe camping area with amenities close by, all needed facilities, and more if you like. Residents from surrounding villages offer their hospitality, and prepare great local food, either vegetarian or with some meats. Local guides take you on to a variety of guided tours. For children, the ecopark offers an outstanding nature experience: They can collect all sorts of seeds, little branches, woods, leaves, stones, and play in a true natural ambiance. Far from any traffic noise – only the bird songs will inspire them!

The park is set in a beautiful environment on the food of the large Ziglab dam, one of Jordan’s precious water lakes. From the dam you will have a most stunning view into the Jordan Valley. For those who can swim, the lake is a great location, too! Around the dam are stunning paths leading you even deeper into the protected site where no goats are grazing down vegetation any more. Thanks to the good relationship with local Bedouine families, the park area is protected and nature can flourish.
Books display the biodiversity in the area, and you can watch out for many birds.

For those who like longer hikes, some of the Abraham Paths trails end at SHE Ecopark, either from Pella or from Um Quais, and you can take a rest here or stay overnight.  Or rent one of the Ecopark mountain bikes and hop on it for a more adventurous tour exploring various trails up and down the hills.

Let SHE Ecopark become your favorite family destination in Jordan!

We are looking forward to welcome you!

One thought on “Favorite Family destination…

  1. May God Bless Jordan , and keep our Mother Earth clean flow with all of it’s natural resourses , ,water , birds, green trees , and Healthy atmosphere , A place where we can enjoy God’s creation .
    So Please have some Mercy on our Mother Nature ,and keep it a safe place to live in .A Home for every body.

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