Natural features

Besides the amenities and accommodation provided at the EcoPark, SHE also boasts some truly stunning natural attractions, seen by participating in our walking tours or bicycle tours (bicycle renting on site),  enumerated below and further explained in depth in our “Tours” tabs.

The EcoPark has:

Natural Wetlands

A dandelion that calls the wetland home.

At SHE, two natural wetlands collect rain water. They are considered a major breeding ground for bird species and animals throughout the year and form an integrated community for different species, helping to protect biodiversity.  For more information regarding the types of animals and plants you can see at the EcoPark, please see the “Bio Diversity” tab.

Artificial wetland

A small artificial wetland was built at the EcoPark for educational purposes. This wetland is used to treat the gray water produced from the shower and sinks for reuse in plant irrigation.

Turtle pond

The pond is formed from the dam’s water seepage. This water is used to provide a small turtle habitat to protect the turtles and encourage their propagation.

Walking Trails

See our Tour pages for more details!

There are several walking trails at SHE.  All tours are guided and show visitors the various attractions of the ecological park.  Short trails are about 30 minutes, and longer trails range from 1-3 hours.  Trails include bridges, stairways and stretching areas.  For information on these walking tours, please see our “Tours” tab.


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