Nearby Attractions

The EcoPark’s location makes it a perfect starting point for trips in the north of Jordan.


IrbidOnly 45 minutes to the north is the large city of Irbid, home to many universities and a booming population. To get a feel for an authentic Jordanian city, Irbid makes a good afternoon trip.



An hour and 15 minutes south takes you to the ancient city of Jerash, Jerashthe Greco-Roman ruins of the city of Gerasa. Jerash is a must-see on any trip to the north.

Ajloun Castle

AjlunJust south of the EcoPark by about 40 minutes is the Ajloun Castle, an ancient Roman fortress situated high up on a hill overlooking the valley and town below.


Umm Qays

Umm QaysOnly 30 minutes from the park is are the ruins of Umm Qays, another important Greco-Roman site in the culturally rich northern Jordan Valley. The impressive ruins boast views of the Golan heights, Lake Tiberias, Syria, and Israel.


PellaA few minutes away are the ruins of Pella, which is a site that is still being slowly uncovered by archaeologists. It’s best to arrange a tour of the site, which includes the oldest mill in Jordan and nearby prehistoric caves, through a tour company.

**In addition to proximity to ancient sites, the park is also only 5 minutes from the Sheikh Hussein border crossing.



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