One workshop offered at SHE is on how to best plant a garden that is sustainable and beautiful.

In addition to tours, we organize workshops at the EcoPark to educate guests about the civil issues related to creating a sustainable relationship with the environment.  These workshops teach about composting, geodome building, ecological gardening, wetland preservation and gray water use, among other topics.  These workshops are available for people of all ages and groups of any size!

To arrange a workshop for your family, class, employees or others, please contact us.

PermaCulture Herb Spirals

An herb spiral, constructed by students.

The herb spiral is an iconic and popular element of permaculture design. Herb spirals create a variety of micro-climates in a small place by providing a variety of positions for plants and levels of moisture for different growing needs. Some plants, such as many of the Mediterranean herbs, need dry, sandy soil conditions, while other plants require a more moist type of soil.  Through our workshop, we teach both how to make the spirals and the philosophy behind herb spirals.  We encourage a hands-on approach, and plant herbs during the workshop!

Geo-Dome Building Architecture

A model of a Geo-Dome.

Domes are an ancient method of construction.  From small shelters to large places of worship, all over the world and throughout many cultures, we can find examples of domes.  Geodesic domes are domes created from triangles, which make a very strong skeleton.  Geodesic domes can easily be labeled the strongest, simplest, and most affordable structure to build.   The geodesic dome was developed by two engineers/designers, Walter Bauerseld and R. Buckminister “Bucky” Fuller.  At our workshop, we teach the history of geo-domes, as well as give a hands-on approach on how to construct one. Climbing plants planted around the base of the dome will grow and eventually provide shade cover all over the dome.

Our geodesic dome's plants begin to cover it's sides.

Our geodesic dome’s plants begin to cover it’s sides.

Mud Wall Building 

A Constructed Mud Wall

Constructing walls, buildings and structures out of mud is an ancient method of building in many parts of the world.  At this workshop, guests learn how to make mud plaster from start to finish: the mixture of dirt to water ratios, paint types, maintenance of mud creations and specific “how to” methods are discussed in depth.  Additionally, should participants wish to have a hands-on experience, guests have the opportunity to create a mud bench or wall right here in the park!

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