Birds in flight, enjoying the tranquility. Can you identify what species they belong to?

The Jordan River Valley plays a priceless role for wildlife. Every spring and autumn more than 500 million birds migrate through the Jordan River Valley.  The Great African Rift Valley, including the Jordan River Valley, is a major migratory path and helps protect biological diversity in the area.

Here at the SHE EcoPark, there are hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles and insects that call the park home.  The park’s biodiversity is extensive and always growing as we discover new species of plants and animals that we didn’t even know we had!

Field Guide to Wildflowers, first edition. The book cover.

As of May 2012, visitors who come to the park can see:

  • Over 300 species of flowers, and many more shrubs, grasses and trees
  • 56 species of birds, 18 of which are endangered
  • 5 species of reptiles, 4 of which are endangered

A gallery of pictures of some of the major plants and animals that thrive in the EcoPark can be found through the Flora and Fauna tabs.

Our Bio-diversity Guidebooks

Can’t get enough of plant and animal identification?  Check out our “Field Guide to Wildflowers” publication!   Its pages not only include beautiful full color pictures with scientific names in both Arabic and English, but also the species’ common name, flowering season and habitat.  The first edition is a guide to the flora in the park (and a short section on the fauna as well), and the second edition has all of the information of the first book, but also includes newly identified species and a more extensive guide to the animals in the park.

A sample page from our Wildflowers Book.