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7 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. I visited SHE yesterday, it wasn’t a planned visit ( i didn’t know it exists in the first place) it is a really nice place and the people working there were very nice, welcoming &well-informed, i had a tour in the park and it’s various facilities and i hope that in the near future i can go there with my family and spend a night or two

    thanks for the great job and hoping to see more eco-parks along the Jordan valley


  2. Eco-Park Group 1:

    This was such an interesting experience. We got all the fun of camping in a much cleaner and more convenient way. We got to enjoy the beauty of nature. For once, we could actually see the stars and enjoy the chirping of the crickets and the tweeting of the birds. It was a very enriching experience. During the hike, we got to discover the development of the Eco-Park and its expansion. Also, we discovered how important nature reserves are for eco-tourism; since this nature reserve has many different climates in one place. All in all, this was a great chance to “rough it” and we learned a lot too!

  3. Bicycle Artwork Group: Haya Al-Sharif, Diana Sabha, Haya Zurub, Natasha Daoud, Danielle Daoud, Sama Asali, Laila Al-Fahoum, and Rand Masaadeh

    All 8 of us cooperated to create a bicycle made out of glass seven-up bottles to serve as a sign for the bicycle shed. First, we cleaned the bottles. Next, we cut up a mesh which we would later use to hang up the bottles according to our sketch of the bicycle. We then had to attach the mesh to the wall using nails! We used wire to secure the bottles to the wire in the “bicycle” formation. Now, it was time to make the mud. We didn’t know the proportions; so we experimented with the amounts of hay, clay, and sand. When we were finished, we used it to secure the bottles to the wall by throwing balls of mud at the wall. It was great fun, and it was a very nice feeling to see the result of all our hard work. It was a great experience!

  4. Eco-Park Group 2: Sewar, Abdudlah, Oun, Nadeem, Ayah, Shaima, Omaya, Bana, Ibrahim

    Our task was to create an entrance made out of mud and recycled paper leading to the park’s parking lot. We started out by placing the blocks which we brought with us in a semi-circular shape then topping it with a mixture of mud and hay and then with net. It took us about two hours and we felt close to nature during the time because we had the mud in our hands. We enjoyed our time at the Eco-Park, and we learned a lot about the nature in this part of Jordan. When they told us about the dome, we were disappointed that we didn’t do more. Hopefully, we can come back soon to do so!

  5. The Jordan Ecopark run by Friend of the Earth is a fantastic location, a real gem in Jordan. For families with kids there is nothing else like it, a safe camping area, with amenities close by, and set in a beautiful environment. Lots of great hiking and walks around one of the most stunning views in Jordan, the Ziglab lake. The availability of good quality mountain bikes for rent means the more adventurous can explore the trails and paths around the lake. I’ve been living in Jordan for 5 years, and the Ecopark is one of our favourite places to go as a family and with friends.

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