Park features

The info center

The info center

In addition to our camping site and cabins, we have other amenities and attractions at the EcoPark!  Below is a listing of some of our popular features.

The Information Center and Gift Shop

Cover of our new flora and fauna guide!

Cover of our new flora and fauna guide!

The Information Center has a small shop for snacks and handcrafted goods, as well as kitchens, a toilet, and friendly staff members.  Additionally, this is where you can buy a copy of The Field Guide to Wild Flowers of the Sharhabil bin Hassneh EcoPark our beautiful flora guide.

Geodesic Dome and Theater

The Geodesic Dome, with some students resting underneath.

The dome of SHE was built to draw attention to ecological building techniques and now houses an open theater. Climbing plants were planted to eventually cover the dome in a natural, shady canopy. It is a great place to hold small lectures, as its circular design creates good acoustics without a need for speakers. It was built by a group of students from Sheikh Hussein and King’s Academy, and includes a series of connected steel trusses from top to bottom.  The dome and theater overlook the EcoPark and have a magnificent view, especially overlooking the Jordan River at sunset.

Picnic area

Children playing in the picnic area.

Shaded squares invite picnic lovers and visitors to stay. Benches and tables, nearby drinking water, swings and other playground equipment for children provide enjoyment and relaxation. The picnic area is located in a quiet place suitable for family activities, school trips and much more.

A family returning to their car in the convenient parking lot.

Parking area

Parking is located at the entrance of the park, a short two minute walk away from the visitor center.  Spaces are shaded and are available for all sizes of buses, RVs and cars.

Bedouin tent

Visiting the EcoPark’s Bedouin tent has a special flavor: here you can enjoy tea, goat milk and cheese, or upon request, mansaf, the national dish of Jordan.  Visitors will have a chance to see nature and the Bedouin nomadic people as they have existed throughout history.